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Upcoming Meeting

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Title: Hardware Security from the Hacker's Perspective

The technology sector today is evolving more quickly than ever - with the rise of new industries - greatly expanding the scope of knowledge required to evaluate the security of systems and environments; it can feel as we are getting further and further ‘away from the metal,’ especially with the explosion of cloud technology abstracting details even further beyond shiny APIs. But there’s a commonality behind the novel abstractions: hardware. Understanding the operations of this hardware and its exposure to threats - is the essential knowledge needed by infosec professionals of all industries to improve security operations.

In this presentation, an introduction to the hacker’s perspective to hardware security is offered - covering common hardware attack surfaces/vectors, and how hardware attacks can be used to bypass software access controls; converging on a deeper look of the near-ubiquitous and often ignored attack surface: JTAG (and other similar hardware-level debugging interfaces). We will explore the role it serves, how it is exploited, and how the threat can be mitigated.

Ethan Shackleford is a Security Consultant with IOActive, Inc. Specializing in the security of hardware and embedded devices, Ethan works with clients from a wide range of industries including IoT, automotive, and ICS, to ensure that production equipment is battle-hardened and secure in the wild. With deep experience in penetration testing, reverse engineering, to custom exploit development - Ethan is well versed in security assessments across software, embedded systems, and networks.

Recently, Ethan has engaged in research efforts focused on: reverse-engineering gRPC binaries, the use of fault injection to manipulate systems, and leveraging JTAG interfaces on embedded Linux-based devices. His latest published notes can be found on the IOActive Labs blog:

Presenter: Ethan Shackleford
Time: 6:30-7:30 PM
Location: Online

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